Fiona Cullen in the business of clearing hurdles

2006 Commonwealth Games, Melbourne. Getty Images captured my reaction when I realised I'd made my first ever international final for the 100m hurdles.



  • I am dynamic, motivated and my enthusiasm is infectious.

  • I am creative and have the ability to think on my feet and outside the box.

  • I’m a strategist and a big picture thinker that loves to figure out creative ways to solve problems.

  • I ask "Why?" to make sure that the things we are doing are going to produce measurable results aligned to company and client objectives.

  • I am just as comfortable overseeing a team as I am rolling up my sleeves and getting in the trenches to get the job done.

  • I am a clear and direct communicator who is always ready to collaborate.

  • I thrive in a performance-driven environment and I love to win.

  • I know how to secure new clients and keep them.

  • I pride myself on my ability to establish rapport quickly and retain clients by managing expectations and always looking to value add.

  • I’m a successful negotiator because I focus on finding and creating win-win-win outcomes for all involved.

  • I love it when I exceed expectations and make things happen.

  • I've had the privilege of representing my country and through elite sport, I developed resilience, discipline, determination, teamwork, and gratitude.